Announcing the New and Expanded So Cal Fibershed

We are thrilled to announce that we are re-launching our region’s Fibershed, with a new name, expanded bioregion, and new plans for engaging and sustaining our community. The previous evolutions of this Fibershed have accomplished good things, and we’re eager to take over the mantle.

We are combining the Los Angeles and San Diego Fibersheds, and extending up the coast until we almost reach San Luis Obispo. The mothership Fibershed encompasses SLO and north.

Perhaps one of the best ways to honor the past is to re-visit this post from years past, when the pop-up grabbed the attention of the LA Times! Considered "…more of a happening than a show,” the pop-up was part art installation, part show-and-tell, part educational session, and all tactile delight. You can check out the story at the LA Times

Thank you Lisa Boone writing us up so beautifully and Sherise of The Radder for the gorgeous photos.

Download a PDF of the story here.